Town of Salem, Murdering Your Friends, And Cheating

Town of Salem is a browser based multiplayer Clue style game. Everyone is secretly assigned a roll and a win condition. There are different factions and it has a Salem Witch Trial theme and you can murder your friends in it.

Well, you shouldn’t but you can. In my dorm hall,  bunch of students play this game together in the same room. We technically cheat at the game because you aren’t supposed to be able to talk to each other outside of the game chat (which limits you when you die, during the night, and if you are in a special faction). But in the cheating, we have a ton of fun.

In playing together, we are able to murder each other and our friendships. We can guess each others names and skins. If we are a killing role, we try to murder each other the fastest. The outrage in the room is something beautiful. There was a long time where one of my friends would die on the first night even if it wasn’t our fault and it was great (for comedy, for our friendship it was bad).

The reason why I am telling this story is because we make a technically single player game, multiplayer. It is the same thing that Let’s Players do when they do an LP together or even play Town of Salem together. It adds a humanity to a game that screens take away. What sounds better to you: cheating at a game but with friends or playing legally but all alone?

As someone who has played Town of Salem both ways, I definitely take the cheating with friends over legally alone.


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